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Location of Job: Lake Worth, Fl
When: Mar 26, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pressure Cleaning Driveway
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Brief Explanation

I was contacted by this customer who had a common request; clean off the driveway. The driveway had, over time, accumulated a rust colored deposit mixed with black mold and aggregate.

The black appearing stain that is common in the Southeast is actually a bacteria that grows and thrives in the warm, moist environment of Florida. You can read more about that bacteria in this article about dark stains on roofs in Florida.

Rust colored stains are often times a result of two possible sources: lawn fertilizer or batteries. If the source is from a battery leak, the stain that you see is a burn mark resulting from the battery acid reacting with the concrete, brick or paver. If lawn fertilizer is the offending culprit, then the source of stain is a result from deposition of iron on the concrete. Both different types of stains can be cleaned with appropriate solution washes.

The Right Chemical Solution Is The Solution

With my chemical wash of the driveway, followed by pressure washing, the stain came out of the concrete. It is essential to use the correct chemical to wash because some abrasive chemicals can destroy the surface of the driveway. If the surface layer of concrete is damaged, then the driveway becomes more susceptible to further staining.

Following a chemical, pressure and final rinse of the driveway surface, I applied a preventative chemical to the surface that prevents bacterial growth. This additional step is another cost that I take upon myself, but I feel the benefits outweigh the losses in profit. It is my expectation that if I succeed in proving to the customer that I go above and beyond what is expectd, then they will be pleased enough to return for future services or refer me to their families and friends.

Mission Accomplished

You know what? This customer was so pleased with my services that he scheduled for me to clean his mother's home. High attention to detail with professionalism in services is what you can expect from Jones Pressure Cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Charlie Eaton Said This About Our Company

Date: Mar 28, 2016
I give a 5 star review to Jones Pressure Cleaning. I had a large driveway that needed a lot of work done on it and had a small window of time to get it taken care of. I was happy to find out that my schedule was able to be accommodated. Brent came out on the weekend and did an excellent job and was good to work with. He made sure I was happy with the work and I'm very pleased with it. I recommend Jones Pressure Cleaning highly including to my mother who is going to be having some work done on her house in the next few weeks.

"5 Star Review"

Services Provided

Driveway Pressure Cleaning, Rust Stain Removal
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West Palm Beach, FL
Client Testimonial
We have never someone that did such a through job !He cleaned the screens inside and out ,it was worth every penny. ~ Mohmmed s. - Palm Springs, FL


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Jones Pressure Cleaning is a locally owned and operated pressure cleaning business that has been serving the local community for years. Owner-operated indicates that I will be present on every job. My level of experience is second to none. If the rare circumstance occurs in which I don’t have the equipment to take care of a specific job, then I will inform you upfront.

My philosophy truly relies on practicing honest principles in the workplace.

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