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Location of Job: West Palm Beach, FL
When: Nov 19, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Full Home Service Pressure Cleaning
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Brief Explanation The customer had just recently purchased this home, which is always an exciting thing for a new home owner. You want to be able to enjoy your new home and get all moved in without worrying about anything else. However, he was concerned about the shape of the yard, it was in need of a lot of pressure washing. He connected with me and I went over with him all of the options and what I could do to make sure that it all was in the best shape possible. He was happy with the options and the pricing and we went ahead and scheduled to get it all taken care of. I treated all the Coral surfaces with a special solution which was the driveway, walkways, railings, back patio and all surfaces that were covered in mold and fungus to prevent it from growing back. Coral is very porous and that is what can cause the mold and fungus growth to become a problem. We wanted to make sure to stop that. I then pressure washed all the surfaces with a commercial pressure wash to restore the coral back to its original look The customer couldn't have happier as he said it probably had never looked so good and he felt he could enjoy his property without the thoughts of getting sick as it was in such bad shape. It was a legitimate concern, there are chemicals that come out of things like mold and fungus and even though it was outside and there is more airflow the amount of fungus and mold partnered with the fact that you are constantly going in and out of the area living there it is something that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

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We have never someone that did such a through job !He cleaned the screens inside and out ,it was worth every penny. ~ Mohmmed s. - Palm Springs, FL

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Pressure Cleaning Services

We offer many different pressure cleaning services and we make sure that we do the best work possible. Read about some of the following areas that we do pressure washing on.

Pool pressure cleaning is something that we do often and is a service that you should get done every so often. Your pool is obviously a spot that is going to have water that gets on the patio and cracks around your pool. That water can cause buildup of mold or fungus and it’s always a good idea to keep that under control.

We do Roof Pressure washing to help wash off all of the dirt and grime that collects naturally because of the elements. The cleaner that you keep your roof the longer it will last and the less you will have wear and tear affecting your roof.

The other area that can gather buildup from the outside elements is your windows, especially in the corners. We do window cleaning to make sure that your home stays in it’s best condition and looks nice.

We do many more services and can be your pressure cleaning company today if you give us a call and we will talk you through everything.