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What Are You Most Excited About?

  • I'm Going To Love How Clean It Will Be
  • I'll Finally Be Able To Easily Clean My Garage
  • All Those Nasty Stains Will Be Gone!
  • I Think It Will Keep My House Cleaner
  • The Color Will Make My Garage Brighter & Feel Better
  • Overall I Will Love How It Will Look!

Do You Have Plain Concrete Right Now?

Concrete Gets Stained Easy, Can Look Dirty Fast, & Is Harder To Look Clean!

Let Us Paint Your Garage Floor!

How Fast Can We Get It Done?

In 60 seconds we could be talking to you over the phone. From there we will quickly schedule an appointment.

It typically takes less than 24 hours to get your garage floor painted. You will love it!

What Color Will It Be?

We have a bunch of different colors, products, and styles to choose from.

You can have it look exactly how you want it to look.

Why Brent Jones Is The Best

Brent has sealed and painted many garage floors, car ports, sidewalks and more.

Brent has been doing this for awhile now and is a seasoned pro at painting garage floors in the Florida weather, heat, and humidity.

What You'll Get With Us

1. Easy Pricing & Billing So You'll Never Have Any Surprises

2. On Time Scheduling So You Can Expect & Rely On us

3. Professional Team So You Know You're Being Taken Care Of

4. Local Company So We Will Always Be Here For You

Recent Jobs We've Done

We Love To Show You What We Do

When it comes to hiring a local company you really deserve to see examples of their work.

That is what we have done on our website. All throughout it you will see before and after pictures of jobs we have performed!

3 Recent Jobs We Have DOne

Driveway Pressure Cleaning West Palm Beach, FL

Brief Explanation:

This customer of ours had been long overdue for an in-depth driveway pressure cleaning for some time.

Compared to some other similar services out there, she was very pleased to receive a standard feature that our company happily offers…

Tile Roof Pressure Washing West Palm Beach

Brief Explanation:

High pressure water. Tile roof that was dirty. Fantastic beautiful day. It doesn’t get better than this when you need to pressure wash a roof!

Commercial Pressure Washing in West Palm Beach

Brief Explanation:

When Jones Pressure Cleaning was asked to wash and also paint a building, we had to consider if it would be in-line with our business model

You Can See Even More Jobs Scattered Throughout Our Website

Please Call Us To Let Us Know Anything Else You Need To See

Recent Reviews

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Ryan Huff

West Palm Beach Florida

Date: Jan 20, 2018
Only thing that surpassed the quality of work was the level of service provided by Brent and his team. Would definitely recommend and use again.

Lisa M Deehan

West Palm Beach Florida

Date: Jan 16, 2018
Very thorough got a lot of the built up dirt out of the kitchen grout. Floor looks good as new.

Brett Riolo

West Palm Beach Florida

Date: Jan 9, 2018
Brent did an amazing job at our property. He was prompt, professional and our place looks pristine due to his hard work and expertise. Would recommend him for any job and look forward to working with him in the future.

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