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Location of Job: Delray Beach, FL
When: Dec 20, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pool Patio and furniture, Paver driveway
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Brief Explanation Jason was a customer that I did some work for and gratefully lead to some other jobs and new customers. Jason gave me call because he wanted to get his pool patio and furniture pressure washed. When we were discussing the job and prices he was very happy with what he was hearing and decided that he was going to get his driveway done as well.

P.S. We Do More Than Just Driveway Cleaning. Here is a roof cleaning in Delray Beach, FL that we did!

He had a paver driveway, which is a very elegant and nice feature of his home. However, a paver driveway has a lot more creases. Which means that it has a lot more opportunity to collect dirt and grime and other stuff. He wanted us to go ahead and make it look all nice and new again.

I went in at a predetermined time that would work best for him. We went ahead and got all areas pressure cleaned really well. We always make sure that we reach every corner and that we don't miss anything.

After we were done it was really nice to hear from Jason that he was very happy with the job and would be calling me again for any of his pressure washing needs. He also ended up referring a family member who also gave me a call to come take care of some things at his own home.

While I was there I noticed his neighbor in need of some pressure washing so I went over to see if he was interested in a quote. His neighbor was very interested and actually wanted it done really quickly. I took care of him as well! I always make sure to offer the best so that it can turn into a domino affect and bring in more awesome customers.

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We have never someone that did such a through job !He cleaned the screens inside and out ,it was worth every penny. ~ Mohmmed s. - Palm Springs, FL

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I have always made it a point to offer the best and make sure that my customers feel that the work that I have done is worth more than what they ended up paying for it. I have been in the pressure cleaning business for many years and continue to educate myself to offer the very best that is out there.

I clean roofs, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, screened-in enclosures, driveways, docks and anything else you might need cleaned. I even do concrete and other types of sealing including Garage Floor epoxy. All these services are offered at a very competitive price to make sure that you are receiving the best.

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Do you need work done on your roof?

Our pressure cleaning company can do many different things. Not a lot of people think about getting their roof cleaned but there is a lot of advantages to a roof cleaning.

obviously your roof is collecting a lot of dirt, grime and salt. The wind blows stuff on it, it rains on it and lots more. The better you keep your roof cleaned the longer it will last. Dirt, grime, and salt can wear out your roof faster than it otherwise could be. And cleaning your roof is definitely a lot cheaper than replacing the whole thing.