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Location of Job: Boca Raton, FL
When: Dec 30, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pressure Washing and Staining of pool patio and surrounding areas
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Brief Explanation One of my regular customers gave their step son a referral. I am always grateful when my clients feel that the work that I do is worth passing along to their friends and family. It also gives me a chance to prove myself and my abilities to a new customer that may also become a regular when they see what I can do for them at an affordable price.

The customer wanted me to pressure wash the pool patio, and surrounding concrete areas including the brick borders, stepping stones and carport. He wanted to get rid of the mold and fungus that was growing and building up inside the pores of the concrete.

The customer wanted to have all areas that i pressure washed to be sealed to prevent and protect the concrete surfaces from growing back the mold as fast as it was very porous. The other benefit of sealing the surfaces is that it will also enhance the concrete surface to bring out the natural color of the concrete surface and preserve it longer then if it wasn't sealed

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We have never someone that did such a through job !He cleaned the screens inside and out ,it was worth every penny. ~ Mohmmed s. - Palm Springs, FL

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Treated and Stained Concrete

I got started right away and treated the concrete surface with chlorine to kill all the mold and fungus that was built up inside the pores of the concrete first. This way when we start the pressure washing we can get all the little nooks and cranny’s cleaned up really nice.

I then pressure washed it with a high powered commercial pressure washer to remove all the dead mold an fungus. It made a huge difference already just to have all of the old growth removed.

I then sprayed a water based sealer as that is was what was on it before. I wanted to make sure that it was seamless and there was no visible difference in what was there before. I also wanted to make sure that it was very firmly sealed and would last as long as possible. I applied 3-4 coats over all surfaces to provide a great barrier to prevent mold and fungus to grow on to the surface as fast as it would if it wasn’t sealed.

All finished the product looked great! It’s amazing the difference it can make so get something properly cleaned and stained correctly. My customer was very happy with the work done and was very impressed with the price as well, so much so that he insisted on giving me an extra tip!

I was so happy to know that my customer was completely satisfied with the work that was done on his patio and surrounding areas. It is always my goal to be able to provide the best quality possible and to leave my customers feeling like the service was worth their money or even more in this case!

Not only can we do your concrete surfaces but a roof cleaning as well!