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Location of Job: Juno Beach Isles, FL
When: Apr 28, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Driveway Pressure Cleaning, Driveway Sealing, Pool Deck Cleaning, Pool Deck Sealing, Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning
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Brief Explanation

This customer has a beautiful home and property. The gorgeous material that he used as driveway, sidewalk and pool surroundings is travertine. Travertine has been used in construction for ages, dating back to even the Roman Colosseum.

Often times travertine is mistaken for marble, but it is actually a form of limestone. It is a very durable and porous building material. The travertine at this property had become grossly discolored due to staining from sprinkler system. An orange hue had overcome the surface. The travertine's distinguishing characteristics had become less prominent.

Restore The Surfaces Appealing Properties

Have a look at a different patio cleaning job we completed.

With our careful attention to detail and professional workmanship we were able to achieve outstanding results from not only the travertine but also the adjacent sidewalk. The homeowner was very pleased to see the sidewalk cleaned of its orange tint. He previously thought the orange staining was permanent.

In order to keep the travertine driveway, sidewalk and patio looking great for years to come, we applied a high gloss sealer. The customer was very pleased with the "pop out" effect that the sealer gave the surface. We enjoyed restoring the beautiful appeal that this material provides.

High Attention To Detail

In addition to the high gloss sealer we applied to the surface after cleaning, I added a safety feature to the pool deck patio area. Considering the slippery nature of the travertine when wet I applied a shark grit grip material. This helps in preventing slipping when walking over the wet surface.

The photographs begin to show how well the job turned out. We, and the customer were very pleased to see the aesthetic appeal restored to the driveway surface.

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Mike Harper

Juno Beach Isles, FL

Date: Apr 30, 2016

Services Provided

Travertine Driveway, Sidewalk and Pool Patio Sealing
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West Palm Beach, FL
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We have never someone that did such a through job !He cleaned the screens inside and out ,it was worth every penny. ~ Mohmmed s. - Palm Springs, FL


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