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Job Details

Location of Job: West Palm Beach, FL
When: May 17, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Driveway Pressure Cleaning & Washdown
Brief Explanation

What Did This Customer Appreciate The Most About Us?

This customer of ours had been long overdue for an in-depth driveway pressure cleaning for some time.

In fact, she wasn't even able to accurately recollect as to when their driveway had even received a thorough power washing in the past, if at all.

One factor that helped to make us stand out was how we were able to give her a FREE, On-Site Driveway Cleaning Evaluation which clearly laid out what we would do and what our estimated price would be.

Compared to some other similar services that would normally charge a service call fee for such a feature, she was instantly impressed and gave us the thumbs up to make your driveway sparkle once again.

No matter how long or short your driveway may be, you can rest easy knowing that we provide THE top Driveway Pressure Cleanings in West Palm Beach, FL.

Before Photos

travertine pressure cleaning juno beach jones pressure cleaning beforetravertine pressure cleaning juno beach jones pressure cleaning before

After Photo

travertine pressure cleaning juno beach jones pressure cleaning after 9

Job Details

Location of Job: Juno Beach, FL
When: Apr 28, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pressure Cleaned Driveway, tiles, white roof
Brief Explanation

Pressure cleaning requires you to understand what the surface is composed of that you are cleaning. Concrete and other hard solid surfaces are relatively easy to clean.

Travertine tile, on the other hand, is expensive and can be delicate-looking with all the grooves and levels it may have. This particular driveway and patio had beautiful tiling that was getting marred by rust and weathering.

How to pressure clean travertine.

This job was in an area where the well water is very bad. It is laced with iron and can cause rusting to any surface it touches. I was able to remove the rust stains by paying close attention to the details of the stone.

After carefully power washing the entire drive, I could see the original colors of the stone more clearly.  I further cleaned the stones until the natural color was preeminent.

Although the stone still had a ruddy hue, it looked so much better than the giant orange rust stain that dominated the drive before. To keep it looking good, and resisting the heavy, humid weather we get out here in south Florida, I sealed the driveway with a high gloss sealant.

This enhances the color of the stones and really makes the travertine look magnificent!

I also sealed the pool patio and I added a "shark grip" grit. By pressure cleaning these Juno Beach travertine tiles, and setting up the grip grit, when the travertine gets wet it doesn't get slippery.

To top off this job, we then "soft" washed the white roof. It looked like a new roof!

White roofs are hard to keep clean. When chemically soft washed the tiles look fantastic. Plus all the mold and fungus that tend to grow fast out in Juno Beach, so close to the ocean, is killed off! That way it will look better longer.

If you have a special need, like a white roof or you need travertine tile pressure cleaned in Juno Beach or anywhere else in the are, call Jones Pressure Cleaning to get your cleaning done right!

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After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Juno beach
When: Jun 1, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Garage Floor Painting
Brief Explanation

Garage floors sustain a lot of abuse over the years. Evidence of their age is demonstrated with ware and tear that increases over time. One way to reverse the trend and spruce them up is to clean them and paint them.

Protect Your Floor

Take a look at another concrete sealing job we did in Boynton Beach.

First off, before painting a garage floor, it is necessary to clean it of all existing debris. This home is currently lived in. The homeowner had a lot of personal items that needed to be temporarily placed outside. This allowed access to cleaning the entire floor.

Then I pressure washed the floor. With the garage floor completely cleaned it became ready to seal.

Professional Grade Sealant

In order to accommodate this homeowner's request to be able to return to use the garage by the end of the day, I used a professional grade paint that dries within 3.5 hours. This way, their belongings did not have to remain outside for too long.

One small caveat to the drying time is that it is recommended to allow 24 hours of drying/curing time before parking a car on it. A car will have hot tires after driving. Hot tires parked on newly applied concrete paint can cause the paint to not adhere as the tires cool down and contract.

The homeowner was happy to avoid driving on the newly painted surface. They hope to keep the surface intact and looking great for as long as possible. They were very pleased with the outcome of the job.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Wellington, FL
When: Apr 18, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Garage Floor Pressure Cleaning, Driveway Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

Pressure cleaning does more than just enhance the appearance of a structure. In some cases, it is a necessary step prior to application of paint or sealant.

Cleaning Before Sealing

Check out another job where we pressure washed and sealed a driveway.

In this case the customer is a builder. He had recently built an additional garage area adjacent to the covered horse arena. The new floor needed to be cleaned before sealing.

The owner of the property is a well-known, local horse trainer. He was very pleased with the pressure cleaning outcome of his newly constructed garage and driveway. We discussed pressure washing the roof on his home as well.

Completing the pressure cleaning of a barn or horse arena is much like cleaning residential homes. Excepting the size difference, the two type of jobs are very similar.

Although the types of structures that we work on vary widely, the one thing that remains constant among all of our jobs is our expert workmanship and high attention to detail. The owner recognized the high quality work that we perform and requested to have a handful of business cards to share among his friends and neighbors.

Lake Clarke Shores, FL

Roof Cleaning Lake Clarke Shores, FL

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Lake Clarke Shores, FL
When: Apr 8, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed:
Brief Explanation

HOA organizations are responsible for maintaining order and enforcement of community statutes. They are effective in helping property owners keep their homes in nice condition. This job came as a result of a reminder from the HOA to wash the tile roof.

Proper Roof Cleaning And Maintenance

Take a look at another job where we did tile roof cleaning.

First and foremost, the roof must be cleaned without causing damage. Tile on roofs can be broken. Any damage can result in leaking and further destruction to the property. Everything must be performed with high caution from ladder placement to walking on the roof.

Secondly, the offending bacteria must be identified and eliminated. In this case, it was gloeocapsa magma. Gloeocapsa magma flourishes in Florida's humid and warm environment. Our soft wash is effective in killing the gloeocapsa magma bacteria without damaging the tile roof.

Finally, in order to prevent the bacteria from growing back, we leave a bactericidal solution. This assures that the longest possible benefit will be attained by our pressure cleaning service.

This job came as a result of us doing great work on other homes in the neighborhood. The homeowner contacted us and was very pleased that we were able to come out the following day to do the job. What pleased the homeowner even more was the gutter cleaning and cobb webb cleaning that we did.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Juno Beach Isles, FL
When: Apr 28, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Driveway Pressure Cleaning, Driveway Sealing, Pool Deck Cleaning, Pool Deck Sealing, Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

This customer has a beautiful home and property. The gorgeous material that he used as driveway, sidewalk and pool surroundings is travertine. Travertine has been used in construction for ages, dating back to even the Roman Colosseum.

Often times travertine is mistaken for marble, but it is actually a form of limestone. It is a very durable and porous building material. The travertine at this property had become grossly discolored due to staining from sprinkler system. An orange hue had overcome the surface. The travertine's distinguishing characteristics had become less prominent.

Restore The Surfaces Appealing Properties

Have a look at a different patio cleaning job we completed.

With our careful attention to detail and professional workmanship we were able to achieve outstanding results from not only the travertine but also the adjacent sidewalk. The homeowner was very pleased to see the sidewalk cleaned of its orange tint. He previously thought the orange staining was permanent.

In order to keep the travertine driveway, sidewalk and patio looking great for years to come, we applied a high gloss sealer. The customer was very pleased with the "pop out" effect that the sealer gave the surface. We enjoyed restoring the beautiful appeal that this material provides.

High Attention To Detail

In addition to the high gloss sealer we applied to the surface after cleaning, I added a safety feature to the pool deck patio area. Considering the slippery nature of the travertine when wet I applied a shark grit grip material. This helps in preventing slipping when walking over the wet surface.

The photographs begin to show how well the job turned out. We, and the customer were very pleased to see the aesthetic appeal restored to the driveway surface.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Boynton Beach, FL
When: Apr 20, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Mobile Home Pressure Cleaning, Rooftop Cleaning, General Property Maintenance
Brief Explanation

Pressure Cleaning is just a part of the services that I offer. In actuality, I am trained to take care of all property management services. This is a big benefit that my customers find very advantageous.

Property Management Services

Take a look at another pressure cleaning job that we did.

This job was no exception. The homeowner was having trouble with water entering between the drip edge of the roof and the carport. It was necessary to pressure wash the roof before applying a tar based adhesive to seal the leak.

Any time I pressure clean a roof, I am certain to use my soft application chemical solution. This allows deep cleaning and penetration into the mold and bacteria without further jeopardizing the integrity of the roof. Attempts to seal a roof without prior cleaning would result in poor adhesion of the sealant.

Once cleaned, and given sufficient time to dry, the roof was ready for sealing. We used black tar roofing adhesive to seal the seam between the drip edge and the carport. This tar adhesive is resilient to the high temperatures found on Florida rooftops. It is also resilient to elements of inclement weather.

The homeowner was very pleased with the completed work. She is thrilled to have a clean home, and a water proof barrier between the carport and drip edge of the roof.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Lake Worth, Fl
When: Mar 26, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pressure Cleaning Driveway
Brief Explanation

I was contacted by this customer who had a common request; clean off the driveway. The driveway had, over time, accumulated a rust colored deposit mixed with black mold and aggregate.

The black appearing stain that is common in the Southeast is actually a bacteria that grows and thrives in the warm, moist environment of Florida. You can read more about that bacteria in this article about dark stains on roofs in Florida.

Rust colored stains are often times a result of two possible sources: lawn fertilizer or batteries. If the source is from a battery leak, the stain that you see is a burn mark resulting from the battery acid reacting with the concrete, brick or paver. If lawn fertilizer is the offending culprit, then the source of stain is a result from deposition of iron on the concrete. Both different types of stains can be cleaned with appropriate solution washes.

The Right Chemical Solution Is The Solution

With my chemical wash of the driveway, followed by pressure washing, the stain came out of the concrete. It is essential to use the correct chemical to wash because some abrasive chemicals can destroy the surface of the driveway. If the surface layer of concrete is damaged, then the driveway becomes more susceptible to further staining.

Following a chemical, pressure and final rinse of the driveway surface, I applied a preventative chemical to the surface that prevents bacterial growth. This additional step is another cost that I take upon myself, but I feel the benefits outweigh the losses in profit. It is my expectation that if I succeed in proving to the customer that I go above and beyond what is expectd, then they will be pleased enough to return for future services or refer me to their families and friends.

Mission Accomplished

You know what? This customer was so pleased with my services that he scheduled for me to clean his mother's home. High attention to detail with professionalism in services is what you can expect from Jones Pressure Cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Lake Worth, FL
When: Mar 25, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Pressure Cleaning, Tile Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal, Mold Removal
Brief Explanation

Tile roofs are a great investment for your home. They absolutely stand out with their aesthetic appeal. The lifespan of a tile roof is much greater than other roofing materials. Furthermore they provide great protection from the elements.

Tile Roof Maintenance

Due to the porous nature of tile materials, they provide a suiting environment for bacterial growth. Natural bacteria from the environment will settle in the roof tiles and begin to proliferate. This is compounded by the warm, humid environment that we enjoy in Florida. As the bacterial colonies grow, they create a dark appearance that appears to stain tileroofs. The bacteria is a negative factor when taking into consideration the aesthetic appeal of the roof.

Have a look at another tile roof cleaning job we did in the area.

The homeowner wanted the tile roof cleaned, her home pressure cleaned, and the surface of the driveway cleaned as well. This family is related to some very good friends of mine. The job went well and they were ecstatic with the results.

Beautiful Appearance Restored

I always take before pictures and after pictures of my work. This way I can show the homeowner a snapshot of the transformation that just took place. They are always astounded at the new appearance of their property. This tile roof, home and driveway really took on a beautifully restored appearance after the job was complete.

Before Photos

After Photo

Job Details

Location of Job: Jupiter, FL
When: Mar 16, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Residential Pressure Cleaning, Roof Moss Cleaning, Driveway Pressure Cleaning, Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation These homeowners are friends of mine. We met through a bible study that they hold at their home every Friday evening. For the last few weeks I've noticed that their roof, home and driveway could look substantially better with my pressure cleaning services.

Get The Dark Streaks Off The Roof

The roof was covered in multiple, long, dark streaks that stain the roof. It is very unsightly and displeasing aesthetically. The dark streaks are actually a bacteria called gloeocapsa magma. This bacteria is a spore forming bacteria that loves two things: high temperatures and moist environments. Thus, it is easy to see why it is so prevalent in Florida.

See another job where we got the bacteria off of a roof.

The black streaks pose more of a threat than just being a little less than pleasing to look at. Gloeocapsa magma flourishes off of the limestone component of asphalt shingles. This results in an accelerated decay of the shingles capacity to reflect UV rays from the sun. Ultimately, the shingle will become less resilient to the sun and elements.

Restore The Roof's Appearance

In order to get rid of the unsightly black streaks and prevent premature failure of the roof material, we applied a low pressure wash with a chemical solution. This solution is a key ingredient that penetrates the bacterial spores and eliminates them. We then rinsed the roof with a low pressure water rinse. Next, we pressure washed the house. Following the house, we pressure washed the driveway and sidewalk.

I think that the pictures do a good job at showing the stark contrast from how the roof and home looked before and after the pressure washing was done. It is always enjoyable for me to show the pictures of before and after to the homeowners after the work is complete. The homeowners and good friends were very pleased with the work. Their home appears to have gotten a nice springtime facelift of sorts.

Recent Reviews

Ryan Huff

West Palm Beach Florida

Date: Jan 20, 2018
Only thing that surpassed the quality of work was the level of service provided by Brent and his team. Would definitely recommend and use again.

"Quality Service Provided "

Lisa M Deehan

West Palm Beach Florida

Date: Jan 16, 2018
Very thorough got a lot of the built up dirt out of the kitchen grout. Floor looks good as new.

"Very Thorough"

Brett Riolo

West Palm Beach Florida

Date: Jan 9, 2018
Brent did an amazing job at our property. He was prompt, professional and our place looks pristine due to his hard work and expertise. Would recommend him for any job and look forward to working with him in the future.

"Prompt & Professional "

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Jones Pressure Cleaning

West Palm Beach, FL

I’m Brent Jones, owner of Jones Pressure Cleaning.

I have been in this industry for ages, now. I’ve been power cleaning ever since I was a teenager working this business with my dad and uncle. We clean roofs, remove moss, clean tile roofs, sidewalks and all manner of concrete, including driveways, patios, walls and decorative features, decks, pool areas, houses and whatever else you need.

With the salty air and warmth of South Florida, our homes and businesses get pretty grimy. Whether it is gunk on a tile roof or grime on a sidewalk or driveway, Jones Pressure Cleaning has seen—and cleaned—it all.

Pressure cleaning, what is it?

Consider what you think of when you hear the words “pressure cleaning.” Some guys with high-power water sprays jetting the concrete, right? Well, that’s part of it, but not the whole picture. Pressure cleaning does often involve high-pressure streams of water, but occasionally a gentler approach is needed. See, what would happen if you took a high-pressure jet of water to an asphalt shingle roof? The shingles would fly off, get broken, and then you’d need a roofer!

A regular joe with a power washer might have that happen. Not with us. You see, each type of cleaning situation requires a different approach, some require hot pressure, low pressure, cold, detergents, or other practices.

Pressure cleaning, sometimes called pressure washing, power washing, or even jet washing or jet cleaning is a method of using a motorized sprayer to spray a high-pressure stream of water to remove dirt, grime, mold, bugs, loose paint and other detritus from surfaces. The types of surfaces that can be worked on are many. We’ve pressure cleaned concrete, of course, but also wood, stucco, tile (like on your roof) and many other surfaces found here in West Palm Beach.

Soft Washing

Often times your surfaces, walls, concrete, and especially roofs, is not simply dirty. If only it were that simple, you could then call any pressure washer and get that surface clean. In reality, your property is actually being infected.

Infected? Yes. Or maybe “infested” is a better term. Infested with algae and bacteria that leave your walls and roof looking pretty unsightly. The humidity here in Florida really can do a number on the roofs we have, especially. There is limestone added to roofing shingles and algae and mold really flourish on it. Those black streaks you see on a roof or siding are not generally a sign that you need a new roof, rather that it needs to be soft washed.

Soft washing is a technique where a cleaning mix is applied and then thoroughly rinsed using a low-pressure spray (think: your garden hose). Soft washing does NOT rely on the pressure of the water to clean, instead it uses water volume and a solution to clean up. This eliminates the risks that come with using high pressure such as damage to shingles, vinyl, leaking windows, and more.

With soft cleaning your surfaces are thoroughly cleansed with that treated water to destroy the organism in the first place, thus truly making your surface clean. It will then stay that way for quite some time. If you are wondering if soft washing is a technique you need to employ, Jones Pressure Cleaning can come out and give you a free estimate on what you’ll need to have done to make your home look fabulous again.
For example, this roof in West Palm Beach:

With the subtropical climate here in Southern Florida, there is a great need for Jones Pressure Cleaning. Whether removing mildew and moss off roofs, or power-washing concrete to remove all the grime it gathers over time, we have years of experience making surfaces look new again!

To keep your home, concrete, and business looking new, a powerful jet wash from Jones will keep your property shining. West Palm Beach has never been cleaner!
Somebody asked me once… What Can We Pressure Clean?
Ha! We pressure clean everything!
Although most of our job is cleaning siding and driveways, we’ve put together a list that shows our range of jobs better. Because we’ve been in the business so long, we also know how to wash all these surfaces.

Jones Pressure Cleaning is on a mission to literally clean up West Palm Beach. We love being able to take a dirty surface and make it pristine again.Whether it’s a driveway, a boat dock or roof, every time we clean up something, it brings a sense of accomplishment that we made it look great again!

Let’s take this sidewalk and approach, for instance. When we arrived, it was covered in the dark grey grime and moss that covers sidewalks in this climate. After reviewing the size of the job and determining the scope of it, we went to work.


The gunk was on every concrete surface. The sidewalk, the railings, the statues…it was all in dire need of a good cleaning. I actually underestimated the depth of the grime on some of these surfaces. We stayed a bit longer to ensure the job was finished properly. Sure we lost a little time and money, but the end result is sure worth it!