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Location of Job: West Palm Beach, FL
When: Feb 22, 2016
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Commercial Pressure Cleaning, Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning, Awning Cleaning
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Brief Explanation This customer needed the awnings cleaned from his local business venue. He didn't know how long it had been since they were cleaned, or, if they had ever been cleaned at all.

Years of Fungus and Mildew

Our primary task was to get rid of the fungus and mildew that had accumulated on the canvas awnings. This proved technically difficult considering we did not want to damage the trademark restaurant awnings of our esteemed client.

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First off, we applied a solution product that would break down the fungus and mildew. Then, using a bristle brush, we scrubbed the awnings clean. This proved very effective in restoring the vibrant colors of the awnings without causing any damage to the canvas. Finally, the awnings were rinsed clean with a low pressure sprayer.

Additionally, we cleaned off his restaurant's front pavers. This is the area that is subject to high foot traffic volume. Over time, the traffic leaves the pavers looking dirty. This was an extra service that we provided at no extra cost. We always look for ways to go beyond the expectations of the client.

The Results... Outstanding!

This customer was referred to me through a mutual friend. We were happy to complete the job efficiently and earn his trust. He is very pleased with our work and will be contacting us in the future to pressure clean his restaurant outside patio.

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Benjamin Curtis Said This About Our Company

Benjamin Curtis

West Palm Beach

Date: Feb 26, 2016
Brent is awesome and the awnings look awesome. The price was fair. I really appreciate it. He went above and beyond what he needed to do. He's a good guy and he took care of us. He even took care of our patio which was dirty too.

""Fair, Awesome, Above and Beyond""

Services Provided

Soft bristle brush washing with appropriate canvas cleaner solution to avoid damaging the awnings. Clean water rinse of awnings and pressure cleaning of patio and walkway.
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West Palm Beach, FL
Client Testimonial
We have never someone that did such a through job !He cleaned the screens inside and out ,it was worth every penny. ~ Mohmmed s. - Palm Springs, FL


Happy Restaurant Owner

The awnings at this establishment have big curb appeal presence for the business. It was important to restore the radiant colors without damaging them with high pressure water spray.

The Solution… Elbow Grease

We scrubbed the awnings by hand. This allowed a gentle washing to take away the unsightly mold, fungus and mildew. It was time consuming, but necessary.

Customer Satisfaction Is The Priority

All of our services are performed with high attention to detail in order to do the job correctly. We enjoy seeing the amazement of our customers after a job well done.