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Mohmmed s.

Palm Springs, FL

Date: September 02, 2015
“We have never someone that did such a through job !He cleaned the screens inside and out ,it was worth every penny.
"Pressure Cleaning Company in West Palm Beach, FL Review"

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Job Details

Location of Job: West Palm Beach, FL
When: May 17, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Home Driveway Pressure Cleaning & Washdown
Brief Explanation

What Did This Customer Appreciate The Most About Us?

This customer of ours had been long overdue for an in-depth driveway pressure cleaning for some time.

In fact, she wasn't even able to accurately recollect as to when their driveway had even received a thorough power washing in the past, if at all.

One factor that helped to make us stand out was how we were able to give her a FREE, On-Site Driveway Cleaning Evaluation which clearly laid out what we would do and what our estimated price would be.

Compared to some other similar services that would normally charge a service call fee for such a feature, she was instantly impressed and gave us the thumbs up to make your driveway sparkle once again.

No matter how long or short your driveway may be, you can rest easy knowing that we provide THE top Driveway Pressure Cleanings in West Palm Beach, FL.

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Job Details

Location of Job: Wellington
When: May 16, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Tile Roof Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

Melissa and George needed their roof cleaned. It was getting blackened with the lichens and molds that are so prevalent here in southern Florida.

The beautiful reds and oranges of their roof were hard to see and it could pose a health problem if left to fester.

Whenever we go to pressure wash a roof, we have to be sure that the roof will be able to take the cleaning. An asphalt roof, for instance, will get torn apart with the pressure we use.

Some roofs need extra care to to be pressure cleaned appropriately. Others, like most tiles roofs, can be washed safely with a high-pressure cleaning stream and solvent.

For this client, that's what we selected.

Roof Tile Pressure Washing

We began, as we always do, with a thorough inspection of the roof, accompanied by pictures. We want to be able to show you the clean job we do so you can actually see the difference up close... without having to stand on your own roof.

After determining there were no loose tiles or other potential damage, we began to pressure clean the roof.

After a couple of hours the job was done. We reinspected the tiles to ensure no damage was done (there wasn't) and that the entire roof had been cleaned according to what we agreed to (it was).

When you need your tile roof cleaned, you need to call Jones Pressure Cleaning and we'll be able to give you a beautiful roof again!

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pressure washing commercial space west palm beach beforepressure washing commercial space west palm beach before 2

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pressure washing commercial space west palm beach after 3

Job Details

Location of Job: West Palm Beach
When: May 4, 2017
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Pressure Clean. Paint Exterior
Brief Explanation

Sometimes work calls you to go above and beyond your normal scope of work.

We are pressure cleaners, right? We do commercial pressure cleaning as well as residential spaces and we love it! Getting rid of the moss, lichens and mildew that so easily grow on building out here by thoroughly pressure washing these surfaces is satisfying on so many levels.

It's also hard work.

When we are asked to do something different, we'll often consider the offer and choose to do it. We've made minor repairs to homes, fixed roofs and even cleaned a car once, but one thing we love to do is paint.

Take this building, for instance. The client knew it needed to be pressure cleaned, but he also knew it would likely need to be painted afterward.

After contacting another company and being told off for asking them to do something they didn't do, the client talked to me. He explained his situation and asked if we perchance knew how to paint commercial exteriors well. We do.

He chose Jones Pressure Cleaning because we have experience painting commercial spaces.

Now, we don't do this all the time, it's not our bread and butter as it were, but when necessity dictates, we can paint and we paint well. In fact, many of our jobs are for painters as they prep their workspace and need a clean surface to work on.

So, this large commercial space was pressure washed over the day. After it was dried off completely, the next day, we came back and proceeded to paint the place.

Painting protects the walls from the humid weather here in West Palm Beach. The humidity and the higher salt content in the air and the large amount of sunlight we get here means that paint doesn't really stand a chance if not maintained.

Now the building stands painted and ready and the customer was so very pleased with the great work we've done for him.

I hope you, too, will choose Jones Pressure Cleaning to pressure wash your home or business. If you need it, we might be able to paint it too!

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