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Andres Yzaguirre

Wellington, FL

Date: Mar 10, 2016
“Those guys were terrific. Everything was great. The tile looks BRAND NEW. Absolutely fantastic work.
"Pressure Cleaning Review in Wellington, FL"
Services Provided
We pressure cleaned the mold, mildew and fungus from the tile roof. Then we applied a fungicide solution to prevent further mold and fungus growth.

Benjamin Curtis

West Palm Beach

Date: Feb 26, 2016
“Brent is awesome and the awnings look awesome. The price was fair. I really appreciate it. He went above and beyond what he needed to do. He's a good guy and he took care of us. He even took care of our patio which was dirty too.
""Fair, Awesome, Above and Beyond""
Services Provided
Soft bristle brush washing with appropriate canvas cleaner solution to avoid damaging the awnings. Clean water rinse of awnings and pressure cleaning of patio and walkway.

Tony Fonseca

Delray Beach, FL

Date: Jan 28, 2016
“He did what he said he was going to do and he did it right away. He was very friendly and treated me very good. I keep in contact with him and just texted him today actually. Brent Jones is someone that I definitely recommend.
"Pressure Cleaning Company in Delray Beach, FL"
Services Provided
The customer wanted the roof to be cleaned, gutters,walkways and front bricks around the vegatation

Debbie P.

Palm Springs, FL

Date: Oct 28, 2014
“Great, courteous fair prices good job!!
"Pressure Cleaning Company Review Palm Springs, FL"

Kris K.

Boca Raton, FL

Date: Nov 7, 2014
“Great job. Driveway and sidewalk look like new.
"Sidewalk & Driveway Review Boca Raton, FL"

Judy C.

West palm Beach, FL

Date: Nov 12, 2014
“Brent pressured clean my patio, screen enclosure, wood dock, dock boxes. Excellent job and courteous service. I highly recommend Brent
"Patio & Dock Pressure Cleaning West Palm Beach, FL"

Carol W.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Date: Nov 11, 2014
“Brent is a very pleasant person. He showed up on time. He pressure cleaned my roof, house, pool deck, enclosure around the pool and my driveway. Did an excellent job! I will recommend him to anyone who wants work done. He went above and beyond because my driveway was a hard one. Great person overall!!!
"Concrete Pressure Cleaning Review Palm Beach Gardens, FL"

J.C. P.

West Palm Beach, FL

Date: Dec 1, 2014
“Brent was courteous, prompt, and thorough. Work was top quality at a fair price. I highly recommend him and will call him again in the future.
"Pressure Cleaning Service Review West Palm Beach, FL"

Cynthai F.

West Palm Beach, FL

Date: Dec 26, 2014
“Brent responded immediately to our request for a quote, fit us into our tight time frame and arrived promptly when scheduled and did a great job.
"Pressure Washing Service Review West Palm Beach, FL"

Ali E.

West Palm Beach, FL

Date: Jan 20, 2015
“Excellent! Fleet Kleen showed up on time, offered a fair price, cleaned up, did a great job cleaning the roof and patio. Will hire them again in a heartbeat!
"Roof & Patio Pressure Cleaning West Palm Beach FL"

Recent Jobs

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Job Details

Location of Job: Riviera Beach, FL
When: May 14, 2019
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Gas Station Overhang Roof Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

Where's The Gas Station Store Exactly At Though?

While this pressure cleaning project was technically for a gas station, it's not quite your typical run-of-the-mill type where you can also get some chips and a soda.

This specific gas station is actually the City of Riviera Beach's private fill-up station for city-owned vehicles and such.

Since the city's already paid for the gas that's delivered to this location, there's no store necessary for a private gas station location such as this.

Why's A Good Overhang Pressure Cleaning So Important?

Gas stations, just like any other exterior structure, get pretty gunky and grimy over time.

But perhaps the main structure that needs to be maintained and kept clean in particular though is their overhangs.

An unkempt overhang can become excessively moldy over time and this can then directly lead to damaged portions of roofing become larger and then leaking and cracking as a result.

By hiring affordable and professional pressure cleaners such as ourselves to help clean up your gas station area, you'll help keep the integrity of your overhang save.

And especially for the surrounding concrete which can become a hotbed for grease, oil stains, and gas spills, it's no wonder a thorough pressure cleaning's a superb service to have now and again.

So whether there may be a private or public station that could use a good thorough cleaning, we're the best around at Gas Station Pressure Cleanings in Riviera Beach, FL.

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After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Palm Springs, FL
When: May 6, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Garage & Driveway Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

Why Get Your Garage & Driveway Cleaned At The Same Time?

Got a dirty looking driveway? Happen to have a grime-filled garage?

Why not get them both pressure cleaned at the exact same time!

That's exactly what this recent customer decided to do since bother were in dire need of a thorough pressure washing anyways.

Since a garage has to be drained or washed free of all the water sprayed anyways, it just makes sense to go ahead and knock out two cleanings with one sprayer.

Not to mention you'll be saving more money since you won't have to pay for us to come out a second time as well.

It makes sense to hire the most trusted service around for your Garage & Driveway Pressure Cleaning needs in Palm Springs, FL.

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Lake Worth, FL
When: Apr 23, 2019
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Backyard Garden Paver Stone Walkway Pressure Cleaning
Brief Explanation

Was This Garden Public Or Private?

While the size may appear to be otherwise, this garden paver stone pressure cleaning was actually for a private residential customer, not a hidden public park or pathway.

This customer's extensive property with an adjacent golf-course view had this well thought out and aesthetically pleasing backyard space to host various guest and special events at times.

As time and dirt began to take its toll though, they starting hosting in this area less and less. That's about when they knew it was time to go ahead and give us a call.

Why Do We Enjoy Pressure Cleaning Paver Stone So Much?

We're no strangers when it comes to pressure washing paver stone walkways here at Jones Pressure Cleaning.

One benefit that we've discovered is that of nearly all the pressure washing projects out there, the visible before-and-after transformations of paver stone walkways and paths are often the most dramatic.

While paver stone looks amazing in mint clean condition, it's definitely easy to tell when it's time for a thorough cleaning.

This is thanks to the many zig-zagging cracks and crevices that are present within the patterns and arrangements of the stonework.

Once we arrived on-site with our adaptable and dynamic pressure washing equipment, we were soon able to drastically improve the surfaces of this serene garden's calming paths and rejuvenating energy.

We're the top choice around for all your Garden Paver Stone Pressure Cleaning needs in Lake Worth, FL.

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