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Location of Job: Lake Worth, FL
When: Mar 25, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Pressure Cleaning, Tile Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal, Mold Removal
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Brief Explanation

Tile roofs are a great investment for your home. They absolutely stand out with their aesthetic appeal. The lifespan of a tile roof is much greater than other roofing materials. Furthermore they provide great protection from the elements.

Tile Roof Maintenance

Due to the porous nature of tile materials, they provide a suiting environment for bacterial growth. Natural bacteria from the environment will settle in the roof tiles and begin to proliferate. This is compounded by the warm, humid environment that we enjoy in Florida. As the bacterial colonies grow, they create a dark appearance that appears to stain tileroofs. The bacteria is a negative factor when taking into consideration the aesthetic appeal of the roof.

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The homeowner wanted the tile roof cleaned, her home pressure cleaned, and the surface of the driveway cleaned as well. This family is related to some very good friends of mine. The job went well and they were ecstatic with the results.

Beautiful Appearance Restored

I always take before pictures and after pictures of my work. This way I can show the homeowner a snapshot of the transformation that just took place. They are always astounded at the new appearance of their property. This tile roof, home and driveway really took on a beautifully restored appearance after the job was complete.

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West Palm Beach, FL
Client Testimonial
We have never someone that did such a through job !He cleaned the screens inside and out ,it was worth every penny. ~ Mohmmed s. - Palm Springs, FL

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